Year 5


Our teacher is Miss Cutter.

Compost Bins

Our Year 5 and Year 6 Garden Gang are encouraging us all to use their compost bins. There is one on the yard and one…
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Cross-Curricular Orienteering

Staff training tonight with Cross-Curricular Orienteering . What fun the staff had! We can’t wait to share our learning with the children!!
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Garden Gang

This week we have received a donation of seeds from Mr O’Keeffe and Year 2. We took turns to plant runner beans, peas, pumpkin, carrot,…
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England does the Daily Mile!

We love running our Daily Mile! On Friday 30th April, we will be joining thousands of other schools around the country to run our Daily…
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First Holy Communion

We ask you to keep in your prayers out First Holy Communion Year 5 Group 2 who made their First Holy Communion on Saturday morning…
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