Our new baptism topic begins with exploring what it means to welcome and feel welcomed. The reception children invited the Nursery to come and play. They were welcomed with a big smile, a kind greeting and given a special welcome card. They shared snacks and had a fabulous time playing together. Our reception class made them feel happy and welcomed.


We visited Our Lady’s church to explore the religious artefacts linked to Baptism. Some children took on the roles of priest, godparents, parents. We then re-enacted the roles in class and the children used religious words and phrases.


Reception had great fun mixing potions and creating spells with their friends outdoors and in the classroom. They also made ghosts to scare their friends during forest school activities. We sang ghostly songs, created ghostly music and recited Halloween poems. Great fun!

Colour Mixing

WOW! Look what happened

Planting bulbs

Today we planted daffodil bulbs for the spring. The children were fascinated by the bugs they found in the soil and asked lots of questions about the roots. They demonstrated great curiosity about living things and thoroughly enjoyed finding things out for themselves.


Look at our wonderful Nativity characters. They performed their roles brilliantly and were a joy to watch. Fabulous!

Tiny Tweeties

The fantastic Tiny Tweeties visited our class and shared music, dance and stories with us. They retold our favourite fairy stories in an exciting, interactive way which engaged all children and brought the stories to life. What a fantastic morning!

The Little Red Hen

Today we acted out the story of the Little Red Hen. We took turns being the characters and used out loud voices to say “Not I! I’ve got better things to do!” Afterwards we made sandwiches, just like the Little Red Hen. We chose honey, jam and butter as our toppings. We did super spreading and cutting. They were delicious!