Letters and Newsletters

Many of our letters and newsletters are now sent out directly to parents via e-mail, using the Teachers2Parents system.

We have had several queries from parents about e-mails not being received. This can be due to messages being marked as ‘junk’ or spam.

Microsoft have updated their security filters for e-mails. This has resulted in emails from Teachers2parents now going into the Junk and Spam folders.

If you have a Hotmail, Outlook or Microsoft Live e-mail address, please check your junk folder.

To prevent e-mails from being put into this folder, add the address, message@teachers2parents.co.uk as a contact and in your “safe senders” list. Further instructions are at the bottom of this page.

Whole School


How to add Teachers2Parents as a Contact:

  • In the far bottom left, click on People which is an icon that looks like two people
  • On this new page, click on the green New Contact button in the top left
  • In the window, type the school name in the First Name/Surname fields
  • Under Contact Information, type in message@teachers2parents.co.uk
  • Click Create
  • Now click on Mail in the far bottom left which looks like an envelope icon.

How to add Teachers2Parents as a Safe sender:

  • Click on Settings which is a cogwheel icon in the top right hand corner
  • Click ‘View all Outlook settings’ which will open a window
  • On the left hand side menu, click on Junk email
  • Under ‘Blocked senders and domains’, please check that there is nothing there for @teachers2parents.co.uk. If there is, click on the Delete icon to remove it.
  • Under ‘Safe senders and domains’, click on Add and type inmessage@teachers2parents.co.uk
  • You could also add this email to the Safe mailing lists further down
  • Click Save in the top right corner.