At St Joseph’s Catholic School, our aim is that every child should feel safe, valued, supported and happy in school.  We further aim to achieve this by providing opportunities to develop each child’s self-confidence and pride.                      

As a consequence, we provide a safe, caring and friendly environment for learning for all our pupils, to allow them to improve their life chances and help them maximise their potential.
We expect pupils to act safely and feel safe in school. We hope that they understand the issues relating to all forms of bullying and that they feel confident to seek support from school, should they feel they or others are unsafe.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Headteacher has overall responsibility for the anti-bullying policy and its implementation. They liaise with the governing body, parents/carers, Local Authority and other outside agencies. The Headteacher will also appoint an Anti-bullying coordinator, who will have general responsibility for handling the implementation of this policy.

The Anti–bullying Coordinator in our school is Mrs Johnson.

Their responsibilities are:

  • Policy development and review involving pupils, staff, governors, parents/carers and relevant local agencies.
  • Implementing the policy and monitoring and assessing its effectiveness in practice.
  • Ensuring evaluation takes place and that this informs policy review.
  • Managing bullying incidents.
  • Managing the reporting and recording of bullying incidents.
  • Assessing and coordinating training and support for staff and parents/carers where appropriate.
  • Coordinating strategies for preventing bullying behaviour.
This is our Anti-Bullying champion Mrs. Johnson

The latest version of our Anti-Bullying policy may be found here.

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