Mission Statement

St. Joseph’s is a happy and caring Catholic school where everyone aspires to reach their true potential with Christ at the heart of all we do.

We are children of God: we achieve, believe and care.

Our Motto

To fulfil our mission we aim to:

Develop a safe, secure and nurturing environment in which everyone is valued and enabled to grow in self-esteem and confidence.

Foster the spiritual and moral development of the children within the context of the Catholic faith, whilst sustaining a respect and understanding of other faiths and beliefs.

Educate the whole child to the very best that they are capable of, through a broad balanced curriculum which recognises, values and enhances their talents.

Live and celebrate Gospel values and Catholic beliefs

Make prayer, worship and liturgy both meaningful and relevant experience for all

Promote a spirit of partnership within the community that enhances the life of the school

Provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for parents and visitors ensuring that they are treated with courtesy and respect by all members of the community.


In order to achieve this ethos within our school and the wider community that we serve, every member of our school family shares a core set of values, which guide our actions in school.

Our School Family is:

  • Loving
  • Kind
  • Forgiving
  • Generous
  • Grateful
  • Honest
  • Patient