Modern Foreign Languages

Statement of Intent

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) is the development of children’s linguistic competence. It should be seen as a life-long skill. Learning a language opens up avenues of communication and exploration as well as promoting, encouraging and instilling a broader cultural understanding. Language lies at the heart of our curriculum and through this, we celebrate ideas about individual identity and community. We hope that learning another language will do a great deal to shape children’s ideas about language learning as well as giving them a new perspective on their own language and a better understanding of their own cultural capital. The core language taught to all KS2 pupils at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary is French. It is our intention that all children in Key Stage 2 will access first quality teaching of French in order to prepare them for Key Stage 3. They will develop their skills so they are able to understand the grammatical differences between French and English. We aim to provide all children with the skills, knowledge and understanding to learn a new language enabling them to develop their oral and literacy skills as well as their understanding of their own culture/s and those of others.


Children are taught through a variety of techniques following the scheme from, CPG’s SALUT programme, teachers will adapt planning and resources as necessary to reflect the children’s understanding and their varying needs. Children will learn a range of skills including basic communication, and other phrases to help them discuss every day topics such as weather, classroom items, animals, family and likes and dislikes

Children that are high achieving will be challenged with more complex vocabulary and sentence structure both in written and spoken language.


The impact is an increased enjoyment and understanding of different cultures and languages, skills that are transferable in the next stage of their education and a greater awareness of a previously unfamiliar culture; therefore, linking to the Equality Act and British Fundamental Values.

Teachers use assessment for learning and assess children according to the learning objectives they teach, they then use this information to plan their next set of lessons.

For more information about Modern Foreign Languages at St. Joseph’s, please contact Miss S. Unsworth.

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