At St Joseph’s, we seek to provide all our children with a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which is matched to their individual needs.  All teachers teach the subjects English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Education, Computing, Design & Technology, History, Geography, Physical Education, Music and Art in accordance with the requirements of the National Curriculum. Children in Early Years Foundation Stage are taught in all core and specific areas of the EYFS curriculum.


The teaching of mathematics is based on the mathematics programme of study in the revised National Curriculum.

Year 1 Mastery Term by Term Overview Maths Hub version.pdf

Year 2 Mastery Term by Term Overview Maths Hub version.pdf

Year 3 Mastery Term by Term Overview Maths Hub version.pdf

Year 4 Mastery Term by Term Overview Maths Hub version.pdf

Year 5 Mastery Term by Term Overview Maths Hub version.pdf

Year 6 Mastery Term by Term Overview Maths Hub version.pdf

Mathematics is taught through a daily maths lesson to all children. There are also opportunities to use mathematical skills in as many other situations as possible. Our aim is to make maths achievable and fun for all.


 English Long Term Plan Yrs 1 – 6.pdf

We follow the revised National Curriculum for English.

Speaking and listening, reading and writing are at the centre of our curriculum at St Joseph’s, with children given the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills for a variety of audiences and purposes.

Structured class activities, as well as wider school events, responsibilities and clubs, give our children regular opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills.

Reading is a strength of the school. Children experience a wide variety of reading materials at different levels of complexity, so that they become confident and fluent readers. Children begin their reading in school through building up their phonics, the core building blocks of reading. We use ‘Letters and Sounds’ as the main programme to guide early reading development. The children then learn to read progressively through our colour coded reading scheme, using a wide variety of books from different schemes, such as Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Stars, Collins Big Cat, Floppy Phonics and others. In Key Stage 2, pupils also use Project X books, graphic novels, Oxford Treetops and classic novels of greater length. Children are encouraged to select home reading books from our wide collection of colour coded books. All children have school library membership and are encouraged to borrow regularly from the library.

At St Joseph’s, we endeavour  to give our pupils experiences of different forms of writing and they are encouraged to respond to many creative, cross-curricular projects, incorporating ICT.  Our youngest children use writing in both structured play situations and to record their ideas. As children mature and gain in confidence, they soon begin to write stories and longer pieces of work and they are taught the conventions of writing. Our children are taught the rules of spelling and are currently expected to learn spellings at home each week. They are set targets to improve their writing each term and grouped in their classes to help them achieve these targets.