Letters and Newsletters

Many of our letters and newsletters are now sent out directly to parents via e-mail, using the Teachers2Parents system.

We have had several queries from parents about e-mails not being received. This can be due to messages being marked as ‘junk’ or spam.

Hotmail and Microsoft Live have updated their security filters for emails. This has resulted in emails from Teachers2parents now going into the Junk and Spam folders.

If you have a Hotmail or Microsoft Live email address, please check your junk folder.

To prevent e-mails from being put into this folder, add the address, message@teachers2parents.co.uk as a contact and in your “safe senders” list. Further instructions are at the bottom of this page.

Whole School


    How to add Teachers2Parents as a Contact:

    • In the far bottom left, click on People which is an icon that looks like two people
    • On this new page, click on the green New Contact button in the top left
    • In the window, type the school name in the First Name/Surname fields
    • Under Contact Information, type in message@teachers2parents.co.uk
    • Click Create
    • Now click on Mail in the far bottom left which looks like an envelope icon.

    How to add Teachers2Parents as a Safe sender:

    • Click on Settings which is a cogwheel icon in the top right hand corner
    • Click ‘View all Outlook settings’ which will open a window
    • On the left hand side menu, click on Junk email
    • Under ‘Blocked senders and domains’, please check that there is nothing there for @teachers2parents.co.uk. If there is, click on the Delete icon to remove it.
    • Under ‘Safe senders and domains’, click on Add and type inmessage@teachers2parents.co.uk
    • You could also add this email to the Safe mailing lists further down
    • Click Save in the top right corner.