Mini Vinnies

The new Mini Vinnies were commissioned in school by visiting members of the SVP. A special liturgy was held as the Mini Vinnies made a promise, prayed and sang the Mini Vinnie song to help them remember and live up to the Mini Vinnie motto “Turning concern into action”.

The Mini Vinnies are collecting old glasses to be donated to those in need. Please support us and add your old glasses to the collection box in the main reception. 

Our second appeal is collecting stamps for the Medical Mission sisters. We are collecting used stamps that will be sent to them to sort. They then sell them to stamp collectors and use the money raised for their work. The money is sent to help people everywhere around the world. Many people don’t have easy access to medical services. The medical mission sisters help these people. Please support us and add any used stamps to the collection box in the main reception.