Lent and Easter

Each class took a Bible story and created a display to show the story of Jesus from his entry into Jerusalem on a donkey to the resurrection. You can see the whole story in the hall. 



Year 6 led us through a very moving Stations of the Cross on Thursday 29th March. Thank you Year 6, it was beautiful re-enactment. 


Our Easter focal point, set within our Reflection Garden, has been visited by each class. Hannah, our youth ministry worker, helped us think about the signs and symbols of new life as we journey through Holy Week towards Easter. 


Year 6 prepared and led the first of our Lent class liturgy's with Hannah and many parents in attendance. 


Year 5 have worked very hard to prepare and plan for their class Lent liturgy, choosing songs, scripture and  writing prayers. They have decided  what they have wanted to include to help us remember the focus of Lent, and how hard it can be to give something up. 

Everyone thought that Year 1's liturgy of thanks for God's wonderful creation was beautiful. Thank you to all of the parents who came along to join us in worship. 

Year 3 prepared and led a liturgy of a journey through Holy Week. It was beautiful. 

Thank you Reception for your Easter Liturgy and shared with us all the signs of new life. We are amazed at how much you have grown in God's love! 

In the first week of lent, all the children have been given a purple ribbon to wear on their jumpers. This is to remind us of Lent throughout our days, at school and at home, as it is the colour of Lent- purple.  The ribbons will also help us not to give into temptation as we give up something during this time.