Welcome to Year 6


Welcome to our Year 6 webpage. On this webpage you'll be able to read all about what we get up to all year and see photographs of things we're very proud of.


Autumn Term

We hit the ground running in Year 6 and kicked off the year with a Victorian themed week. We learned all about Queen Victoria and how hard life was for many poor children. We researched all about children who worked in many industries, including down the mine and in factories. Through a visit to Beamish Museum in Durham we learned first hand what life was like in a Victorian schoolroom. Life in a Victorian school roomwas not fun!! Several pupils blotted their copy book with the ink. The mathematics was reallt hard adding pounds, shilling and pence- even Mrs.Black struggled! If any pupil was caught talking they were made to stand with their hands on their head. Our school teacher showed us the stap and the cane but luckily she didn't have to use it today. 


After our lesson in the schoolroom we were allowed to visit the rest of this fantastic open-air museum. Our class couldn't decide on a favourite part! We loved visiting the fairground with it's shuggy-boats, coconut shy and carousel. The sights, sounds and smells in the sweet shop were heavenly.


Spring Term