Welcome to Year 5

 Hello we are Year 5! We have 30 children in our class and our teacher is Mrs Hampson and Mrs Matters is our teaching assistant. Here is a picture of our lovely classroom!



We started our term by looking at our talents and qualities, as a result we wrote a great class poem. I hope we can aspire to this!


Our class can...


Work hard.

Be kind and helpful.

be generous to each other.

Be quiet and reflective.

Be friendly to other people.

Laugh at other people's jokes even if they are not funny.

Play well together without arguing.

Not show jealousy towards others.

Play football.

Sing beautifully.

Swim brilliantly on a Tuesday.

Skip together.

Run fast like a racing car.



Be sweet and LOVE!


We had a great 2 weeks studying our local history. We visited Washington Old Hall and had a fantastic time when we walked to the 'F' Pit where we found out about our local mining community, and  discovered what a hard job mining was! We sang some great songs with Kieth.

Monica Bottoms came in to speak to us about Washington life many years ago. We found out that Concord used to be the main shopping centre, no busy Galleries then!


After we had absorbed all of our mining infor=mation we were inspired to write some great mining diaries and stories. Marie from Tyne and Wear museums would like copies of them so she can put them on display! We turned our reading corner into a mine some of us where under it when it collapsed just like an explosion, we laughed that day!

We are looking forward to the next half term when we will be studying'Coasts' and making lovely Christmas gifts to sell at our Christmas fair.