Year 3


 Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 3. This year we have kept our same teacher who we had last year - Miss Donkin, however we have changed classrooms. We are now in the Juniors and are starting to feel very grown up. This year Mrs Fletcher helps us on a Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We also have Mrs Kyle on a Wednesday which we love as we are doing Art, Design and Technology and ICT with her, it's great fun.

We started the year by doing History, we looked at the Egyptians. We found all sorts of this out about them, we looked at where they lived, who the Kings and Queens were and we even had a go at writing like the Egyptians did! They use heiroglyphs you know! 

The whole school took part in an Animal week as part of World Animal Day. In Year Three we looked at an animal encyclopedia and decided to make our own Year Three Animal Encyclopedia. We all had a letter from the alphabet and we did some research using the laptops and in the ICT suite, some of us even did extra work at home. We made a mask of one of our animals with Mrs Kyle and on the Thursday we completed the enclyclopedia. We showed the whole school what we had been doing in our Animal Assembly and now our Year Three Animal Encyclopedia is in the library.



Spring Term

After a hectic Christmas time, we came back in the new year and launched straight into our new History topic of the Romans. We loved it! Everyone completed a Roman project at home and we learned lots of new things about how the Romans lived. We then had a visit to Segedunum, where we met Maximus the Roman Centurion. We had a great time and we joined the Roman army, when we became Roman soldiers.

At the end of January we led our first ever mass in church. It was about Loving one Another, we read and sang really well and Miss Donkin was very proud of us.

After half term we started our Geography topic, Investigating the Local Environment. We went for a long walk around Washington Village to make observations of the old and new parts of the village, we looked at old maps and then we created a shop that we thought would be great to have in the Village. We came up with some great ideas like a card shop, cafe and even a diamond shop!

During the last week of the term we prepared our station for part of the school's Lentern journey. We decided to record our part of the story and try and make it sound like it was a real market. Everybody loved our recording and we had great fun making it.

We are really looking forward to next term, we are going to be looking at Elizabeth I as part of our History topic and the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. We are also going to look at Australia as part of our Olympics work. There are lots of fun activities planned as well so we are very excited, lets hope it is a sunny Summer term.