Year 1

Hello and welcome to our classroom!


Autumn Term.

There are 30 of us in Year 1. Our teacher is Mrs Lamond and we have all been very busy!! 


In literacy we have been learning the basics.....handwriting, finger spaces, CAPITAL LETTERS and we are trying very hard to remember our full stops! 

One of our favourite books this term has been Knock Knock Who's There? by Anthony Browne. We liked it so much we wrote and illustrated our own version of the story with Witches, Ghosts, Vampires and Zombies. We have also written lists and invitations and have enjoyed acting out some stories too. Our latest piece of work involved planning and writing our very own story!   

Mrs Lamond thinks we have fantastic imaginations and that we could be famous authors one day!



In Numeracy we have been counting up to a hundred in 1's and 10's. We have also been learning about 'teen' numbers and 'ty' numbers  - which is quite tricky- but Mrs Lamond has helped us by telling us that when writing 'teen' numbers the 1 likes to live in the 1st house and when writing 'ty' numbers we have to think of our grown-ups drinking Tea with an open mouth like a zero!

We have also been learning and writing addition facts, practising how to use a numberline, and learning the days of the week and the months and seasons of the year. We have enjoyed comparing and measuring lengths, and have measured nearly everything in our classroom....including ourselves! Some of us can now measure with a ruler and estimate and record our results in cm...WOW!!!!




In science we have been learning about Ourselves. We have found out about and labelled our different body parts. Some of us wowed our parents by going home and telling them about where our thigh or abdomen was. They were very impressed!


We have also investigated our senses. We carried out a smell test where we had to smell various containers and describe the smell. Some of us had a very good sense of smell and could guess what the items were such as shampoo, mint and coffee. There was one container none of us liked......onions! YUCK!

We also loved carrying out the taste investigation. We tasted, savoury, salty, sweet and sour food. Can you guess which flavours we liked the best? That's right......the SWEET ones! Mrs Lamond wasn’t surprised at this but was amazed that some of us liked and ate the lemon and lime pieces!


Everything Else!

Every Wednesday we have had Art with Mrs Thompson and Mrs Stephenson. In Art we have been very busy producing our own portraits, and in ICT we created our own name labels to go with them. These are still a work in progress.... but watch this space as you will soon be able to view them in a slide show at the end of this page. 

We have also produced some wonderful R.E work and have been working hard on our P.E skills. We are really enjoying learning our Popcorn dance and are looking forward to our themed Geography and History weeks.

Can you believe that after all of this hard work we have even found time to explore our new classroom and play??????